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Bicycle coding protects against theft. vsf fahrradmanufaktur provides you with the option to protect your bicycle preventatively against theft via an online-based bicycle coding.


For this, each and every vsf fahrradmanufaktur bicycle bears an individual code number integrated in the bicycle's frame which serves for quick identification of the bicycle and owner. With the help of the registered code number, in the future more "vsf fahrradmanufaktur thefts" can be prevented and resolved.


Annually, approx. 345,000 bicycle thefts are reported to the police. The number of unrecorded cases of thefts that were not reported, however, is significantly higher. Only about 10 % of the thefts can be resolved since the bicycles most of the time cannot be matched up to their owners. Furthermore, stolen bicycles often cannot be identified as fenced goods.


The registration at is free of charge. The status check of a vsf fahrradmanufaktur number – available to anybody – makes the illegal sale of stolen bicycles more difficult. The anonymity of the owner is always assured. Prior to purchasing a "used" vsf fahrradmanufaktur bicycle, it can be determined within seconds with a click on the "Check code number" button whether the bike has been reported "stolen" or has been "released for sale".


Via the status inquiry, vsf fahrradmanufaktur can warn of fenced goods and protect against fraud. Furthermore, your registered vsf fahrradmanufaktur bicycle is simply and anonymously returned to you when it is found. If a finder is contacting vsf fahrradmanufaktur via the Internet, we take care of the whole return process.


For the anonymous Germany-wide transport back from the finder to the owner, vsf fahrradmanufaktur charges the owner only the transportation costs incurred.


To utilise the service of vsf fahrradmanufaktur, only the code number of the bicycle needs to be activated.




  •     Protects against theft
  •     Anonymous marking your bike
  •     Creates a direct assignment from Kreidler bike to its owner
  •     Free registration
  •     When locating your bike you will receive an immediate notification
  •     We organize the whole repatriation
  •     We promise the highest standard of safety and attach the most importance to data privacy
  •     Free Status Examination for everyone; allows quick online check and complicates the illegal sale


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