In gentle serpentines, the lonely path is meandering through a small forest and getting lost in the dust in the wide plain on the horizon. The noise and the frantic pace of the metropolitan area are by now far behind you. You are taking a deep breath. The only thing to be heard is the steady whirr of the Schwalbe tires that reliably dig into the gravel. You imagine the smooth shifting of the gears in the Pinion gear box more than you feel it. “Is this what freedom feels like ...?” buzzes through your head, briefly. Then you turn off all thought and nothing exists anymore other than you, your bike, and your path. And it feels like you could simply keep on riding forever and ever ... getting disentangled, overcoming limits, gaining distance. For all those who love the adventure, for all those who want to get further, and for all those who seek the great expanse, we have developed the TX-1200 Pinion P2 With the most modern shifting technology by Pinion, a hand-manufactured steel frame in tried and tested vsf manufaktur quality and high quality, long-lasting components, we have created an expedition bike that sets new standards in terms of reliability, resilience, handling characteristics and comfort. See the unique characteristics of the new highlights of vsf fahrradmanufaktur for yourself. The TX-1200 powered by Pinion. At home on the road.


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TX-1200 Pinion 1.18 by vsf fahrradmanufaktur

Oldenburger Manufacturing quality meets Stuttgart art of Enginieering


Two specialists share a passion: building better bicycles. We, at vsf fahradmanufaktur, have always been representative of the highest expectations in terms of comfort, fun driving, and longevity. To constantly develop our quality claim further, we constantly monitor current developments and innovations in the two-wheeler scene. As such, it is only logical that we now – with the TX-1200 Gates – for the first time equip a vsf fahrradmanufaktur bicycle with the innovative Pinion P2 gear unit. The TX-1200 Gates combines the sophisticated engineering from automotive construction with German manufacturing quality into an expedition bike of extra class.


18 True Gears


Without overlaps - with an gear spacing of 11.5%.


Gear Ratio Range 636%


More than any chain or hub gear.


Lightning-Fast Switching


Lightning-fast switching of any number of gears in each direction of driving.


Playing it safe


A sealed, sturdy housing protexts the gearbox from dirt and damage.


Extremely Low-Maintenance


The gears operate in an oil bath. Other than an oil change ervery 10,000 km, no other maintenance work on the gearbox is required.


Optimal Mass Distribution


A low, central center of gravity and a lighter-weight rear wheel improve handling, suspension and driving dynamics.


Entfaltung des Trekking - Bikes

German Manufactory Quality


vsf fahrradmanufaktur bicycles are carefully made by hand in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony. We use high quality raw materials and brand name components that are matched to one another. Environmentally friendly production processes, for instance featuring the solvent-free powder coating principle, round out our profile as sustainable quality manufacturer. To us, bicycles are a holistic mobility concept for individual lifestyles. We do not focus on the individual component on the bicycle, but rather on the harmony of the whole. In addition to the appealing design, the bicycle must also be able to withstand the weather conditions all year long. At vsf fahrradmanufaktur, quality takes center stage – at each step of the production chain. From the idea via the design to the final assembly. Reliably attuned to the needs of our customers, we develop bicycles with a driving experience second to none.

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TX-1200 trekking bike
TX-1200 trekking bike
TX-1200 steel frame trekking bikes

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