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To our customers, the bicycles of vsf fahrradmanufaktur are far more than a practical means of locomotion. They are a fixed component of an attitude to life that is based on value preservation and a sense of responsibility.


Our bicycles are put to the test year-in, year-out in day-to-day life and leisure-time, in wind and weather, as all-round modes of transportation, quite often even as a car replacement. This gives rise to high expectations with respect to comfort, fun riding, and longevity, which we fulfill in all disciplines with an above average level of quality.


We do, furthermore, pay particular attention to the functionality and selection of the technical components. As passionate bicyclists, we constantly think about the optimisation of our products and participate in the discussion of current development in the two-wheeler scene..


Changes and innovations are incorporated into our program only after they have proven to provide for a substantial improvement for our customers.

Fashion-oriented cosmetics are not among the principles we follow. These product politics have over the years led to a compact portfolio of mature models that – in part – have obtained cult status.


vsf fahrradmanufaktur bicycles are carefully made by hand in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony. We use high quality raw materials and brand name components that are matched to one another. Environmentally friendly production processes, for instance featuring the solvent-free powder coating principle, round out our profile as sustainable quality manufacturer.

vsf fahrradmanufaktur about

Frames made of steel



At vsf fahrradmanufaktur, steel has traditionally been valued highly. As a material full of character, it spreads an aura of tried and tested craftsmanship, very much in the spirit of our notion of manufacturing. This much about emotions.


What has proven itself over a long period of time in bicycle construction must - of course - also be convincing in facts and figures: steel provides for a high tensile strength – in the case of the chromium molybdenum alloy 25CrMo4, it amounts to more than 700 N/mm².


As such, it is the number one choice in a lot of disciplines in the vehicle industry. The alloy can be shaped well with relatively low energy expenditure and is well suited for welding.

As such, ideal prerequisites to producing timeless frames that are filigreed and elegant, yet, at the same time highly resilient.



In addition to their toughness, steel frames show an elasticity that offers good ride comfort without the necessity of a suspension fork or suspension seatpost.


On vsf bike manufactory frame, whether aluminum or steel, we give 10 years warranty. This also applies to installed rigid aluminum and steel forks. All our bicycles are also approved up to a maximum total weight of 140 kg (the model T-XXL up to 170 kg, the models R-500 and CR-500 up to 100 kg).

vsf fahrradmanufaktur about

A quarter century of vsf fahrradmanufaktur





In 2012, vsf fahrradmanufaktur celebrated its 25 anniversary! Time for a look back:


When the first vsf fahrradmanufaktur bicycle was rolling on the streets of Germany in 1987, bicycling was primarily a leisure-time activity. Back the, only very few adults considered the bicycle a serious day-to-day mode of locomotion.


The founders of vsf fahrradmanufaktur had a different vision: with sophisticated bicycles manufactured by hand, they wanted to make a contribution to the necessary ecological shift in traffic.


In this spirit, they brought to life their own model portfolio and developed premium class bicycles with know-how and a lot of appreciation for detail.


Since then, vsf fahrradmanufaktur has been representative of ecological products that are long-lasting and of high quality. The business implementation is nowadays being carried out by the cycle union GmbH company headquartered in Oldenburg (Germany).


Today, our product portfolio encompasses travel and touring bikes as well as city bikes and urban bikes.





Founding of “e-bike manufaktur” and outsourcing of the Pedelec product range to this new brand.



Highlights of the product presentation are the models R-500 und CR-500 - a delicates racing bicycle and a classic cross country bike made of steel.



For the first time we present with the TX-1200 a bike specifically for travelling and a 18-Gear Pinion mechanism.   



With a speed of up to 45 km/h, we present the P-1000 as the first e-bike.   



The trend towards electro-mobility continues! As a new, compact and agile pedelec, the P-Kompakt is joining the ranks of our product portfolio.   



Motorised lightness: vsf fahrradmanufaktur has developed the first three pedelecs of the extra class with the innovative drive system by BOSCH that provide demanding and environmentally aware users with good reasons to switch (models: P-700, P-400, P-300)   



Tn-Belt – as the first model of our product portfolio, it is equipped with a maintenance-free Gates belt drive. This innovative bike with its unobtrusive design and choice compoents awakens the passion of all those who love the extraordinary and who are ahead of their times.



Ti-Light – as the first model of our product portfolio, it is equipped with a titanium frame and rightfully enjoys the status of the high end trekking bike.   



vsf fahrradmanufaktur celebrates its 20th anniversary. On occasion of this, a special model T-1987 is presented, in an edition limited to 250.   



vsf fahrradmanufaktur is presenting itself in a new design outfit for the 2006 season.   



For the 20th anniversary of VSF, a special model "Das Rad" [The Bike] is developed in cooperation with vsf fahrradmanufaktur.   



The "fitness bike" T-900 was developed in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Baum.



The model T-1000 C becomes the first [bike] of vsf fahrradmanufaktur with the worldwide most innovative hub gear "Rohloff Speedhub".



This year, a true highlight in terms of riding comfort is presented by vsf fahrradmanufaktur: the T-800.



Cycle Union in Oldenburg takes over responsibility for vsf fahrradmanufaktur.



The first cross models of vsf fahrradmanufaktur conquer the streets.



vsf fahrradmanufaktur is more and more placing a focus on the area of travel bikes. In this year, the highlight is the Randonneur C-140.



In Bremen, vsf fahrradmanufaktur is by now producing 15,000 bicycles per year. These are sold exclusively via specialised dealers affiliated with the V.S.F.



"Das Rad" [The Bike] ("Model A") becomes the first model of the Fahrradmanufaktur Bremen bicycle manufactory.



Founding of vsf fahrradmanufaktur in Bremen.



Founding of the V.S.F. (Verbund Selbstverwalteter Fahrradbetriebe [Assocation of Self-governed Bicycle Companies]) in Berlin.