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Piggybackriders – Weltenbummler
Piggybackriders – Weltenbummler
Rolling gen Osten – vsf fahrradmanufaktur
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vsf fahrradmanufaktur on tour


Year after year adventurers hit the road to explore the world within the scope of a big bicycle trip. The expedition series (TX) of our vsf fahrradmanufaktur offers excellent material for such projects. And so, some years ago, we have decided to assist yearly some travellers with their mad plans and to supply them with bicycles suited for trips.
In 2015 and 2016, two teams, equipped with TX-1000 bikes, travelled from Alaska to South America. In 2017, two friends made a spectacular trip from Austria to Australia with our TX-1200. This year’s adventure is “ROLLING gen Osten. Bis Peking.“ (“ROLLING eastward. To Beijing.”)


We support Tommi’s and Tine’s plans with our TX-400 expedition bikes. Both of them had quit their job and cancelled their flat. On March 15 2018, they started the adventure in St. Märgen in the German Black Forest. During the journey, the team heads for social as well as agricultural projects again and again. There, Tommi and Tine work for board and lodging. In this way, they not only pass numerous places, but also experience vividly the daily life of people they meet.


„Piggybackriders“ travel the world with our TX400


When we heard about Manu and Magda's plans to cycle around the world for three years, we were sure: we want to support them with our TX-400 from the vsf fahrradmanufaktur. So enthusiastic, so much courage, curiosity and adventurousness that fits perfectly to our brand. From Münster, across Italy, Eastern Europe and Asia, to Malaysia ...


We would like to recommend to all enthusiasts with pleasure the adventurers’ online blog. There you will find all information about the journey and the projects as well as stage reports and many pictures:



Rolling East - vsf fahrradmanufaktur

Piggybackriders – Weltenbummler

Piggybackriders on Tour 

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Rolling East Tour
Rolling East Tour
Rolling East Tour

ROLLING gen Osten on Tour 
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Expedition TX 400 vsf fahrradmanufaktur




Two specialists divide a passion: Better bicycles build. We of the vsf fahrradmanufaktur stand always for the highest claims in comfort, driving  pleasure and longevity. So it is only logical that now with the TX-1200 gate for the first time a vsf fahrradmanufaktur bike is equipped with the innovative Pinion P1.18 gear unity. The TX-1200 gate unites engineer´s art from the car construction with German manufacture quality to an expeditions bike of the top class.


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