Rolling East by vsf fahrradmanufaktur
Rolling east by vsf fahrradmanufaktur
Austria 2 Australia - Weltenbummler
Trio for Rio – Weltenbummler
Expedition TX 400 vsf fahrradmanufaktur

Globetrotters - ON THE ROAD AT HOME.


Year after year, adventurers set out to explore the world by bike. This is exactly why the models of our TX expedition series have been developed - they are provided with the highest standards to travel and longevity. To support this, we have decided to help some travelers with their crazy adventures and equip them with our bikes.


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Anderswo in Afrika - Weltenbummler

Anderswo in Africa.

Elsewhere. Alone in Africa.


Anselm spent 414 days on our TX-800, covering 15,000 kilometers and crossing 15 countries. In his movie "Elsewhere. Alone in Africa", he takes us on his breathtaking journey across Africa and shows our expedition bike in action. Despite numerous challenges, Anselm has a deep love for this huge continent.
His movie will be released on 13.12.2018, but you can watch the trailer today.


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RollinG gen Osten. 



Until Peking.



Tommi and Tine have quit jobs and apartments and left on March 15, 2018 their home in St. Märgen in the Black Forest east. With our TX-400 expedition bikes, the couple is on their way to Beijing. During their travels, they initiate social and agricultural projects, work there for food and lodging, and experience the everyday life of the people they encounter.


Rolling East vsf fahrradmanufaktur 




discover the world with the TX-400


When we heard about Manus and Magda's plans to cycle around the world for three years or more, the thing was clear: we support the bike crazies with our TX-400 expedition bike and are so excited by so much courage, curiosity and thirst for adventure. From Münster, the two "easy" drive east, across Italy, Eastern Europe and Asia, to Malaysia. Destination and exact route? Not clear. Main thing on the way home.


Piggybackriders by vsf fahrradmanufaktur




 3 Continents, 2 friends, 1 Adventure.



18,000 km by bike from Austria to Australia. Sounds crazy? It is. Arrived on the 5th continent, Andreas and Dominik drive another 5,000 km along the coast from Perth to Brisbane. Pouring rain, hot deserts, food around the campfire, roads that are not and wild animals. In short: 365 days with the TX-1000 on the go at home.


Austria2Australia by vsf fahrradmanufaktur 

Trio for Rio.



by bike to Olympia.



28,454 km on the TX-1000 including a breathtakingly thrilling coastal drive from Anchorage in Alaska to Chile, 30 countries and an incredible reception at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Julian, Nico and Sandro have made the journey of their lives over, experiencing their own limitations and collecting incredible impressions and stories.

Experience this whole exciting journey up close? From October 2018 there is also the movie for the trip!


Trio for Rio by vsf fahrradmanufaktur


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