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Johann Philipp  | Apprentice in two-wheel mechatronics

"Somehow I always wanted to do something with bicyles. It worked out quite well."

Bicycle people in portrait.
Johann Philipp Höfinghoff.

Johann is one of our young colleagues and has been training as a two-wheel mechatronics technician with us in Oldenburg since 2021.

However, Johann discovered his passion for bikes and cycling as a child and spent a lot of time on his BMX bikes. Today, Johann is 20 years old and still loves riding a bike - and then as now: BMX.


As a bicycle mechatronics technician specializing in bicycles, you manufacture bicycles and e-bikes, ensure that they are and remain roadworthy, repair them or equip them with accessories.


It was clear early on: Johann was going to be a bicyle man.

Having only had bicycles on his mind as a child, Johann "got" his very first insights into our business as a schoolboy. As part of regular practical days and student internships, he always looked for something to do with bicycles whenever possible.

And of course it came as it had to: Johann applied for an apprenticeship with us as a two-wheel mechatronics technician and it quickly became clear that he would be just the right person for the job. As a positive bike nut, Johann now knows almost everything about e-bikes and bicycles and has also learned a lot about the different properties of the materials commonly used in frame construction as part of his training.


Steel is real – no ifs, no buts.

Over time, Johann became a big fan of steel frames - how could it be otherwise at vsf fahrradmanufaktur? Johann quickly realized that traditional craftsmanship in frame construction is based on steel. What's more, steel is already ahead in terms of sustainability and the elasticity typical of the material is winning over more and more cyclists - even those who have relied on aluminum or carbon for years.

"The longer I worked with vsf fahrradmanufaktur bikes, the greater my desire
to build my own custom bike based on a steel frame."

Johann Philipp 

Johanns Custombike - vsf fahrradmanufaktur

Johanns Custombike Idee ...

Da Johann ganz gerne schnell unterwegs ist, hatte er ein Auge auf die schicken GX-Rahmen unserer Gravel-Serie geworfen. Und genau damit hat der dann auch seine ersten Custom-Projekte umgesetzt ...

Johanns Custombike - vsf fahrradmanufaktur

... or ideas.

Because Johann is not only fast, but sometimes also on the road for longer periods at home. So he has built two bikes at the same time.

One with the perfect equipment for everyday use and traveling (front), the other with components for more sporty use (rear).

„Custom-Project“ – sounds interessting?

Then we recommend taking a look at the frame sets in our Gravel series. The GX frames offer an ideal basis for an individual bike build. And of course, we also offer numerous color options for our frame sets, so there is hardly anything standing in the way of your individual bike.

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