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Tradition meets modernity.
Gravel bikes.

Gravel bikes have now found a permanent place in the bike scene and are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their wide range of uses. The category skillfully mixes features of the segments cyclo cross, randonneur and road bike and is thus at home on almost any surface. The idea originated in the USA and the target group of the segment is quite simple to describe: All those who like to ride a comfortable road bike, but not always on asphalt, but also in the forest, on gravel or in light terrain would like to be on the road.  

In this context, our Gravel bikes offer a frame geometry that is suitable for long, sporty tours. Combined with the typical material properties of the steel frame, they offer a high level of sporty riding comfort. The riding position is slightly more upright than on a pure road bike and a larger wheelbase ensures excellent smoothness and reliable straight-line stability. In light terrain, on gravel, field and forest paths, Gravel Bikes score with wide tires with plenty of grip.  

For people who like to be "at home on the road", e.g. for touring riders or bike packers, our Gravel bikes offer a large number of mounting points for bottle cages, panniers, racks, lights and much more. Important for gravel-typical use:

Powerful disc brakes provide a plus in safety, so that bad weather, steep descents and changing surfaces lose their terror.

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