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Good steel, first-class craftsmanship.

Steel frames have always been given pride of place at vsf fahrradmanufaktur. As a material full of character, steel gleams with the aura of proven craftsmanship in keeping with our manufacturing philosophy. 

And though steel as a bicycle frame material has somewhat lost out to the likes of aluminium, carbon fibre or titanium, it still performs highly where sustainability is concerned and offers numerous other advantages. Our high-quality steel frames have the elasticity typical of this material, ensuring high comfort on the road without the need for suspension on the forks or saddle. And we are so convinced of the quality of our work that we give a warranty of 10 years on all frames and rigid forks. 

No ifs, no buts.

 Rahmen aus Stahl von vsf fahrradmanufaktur


Not all steel is created equal.

Steel is an alloy of iron, as the main component, and further non-metallic or metallic elements. By varying the composition, a wide range of properties can be achieved. Our steel frame tubes are based, for example, on the chromium/molybdenum alloy 25CrMo4, which offers not only toughness, high corrosion resistance and excellent workability, but also a particularly high tensile strength of over 700 N/mm2.

This steel is not only our first choice, but also that of many departments in the automotive industry. It can be shaped with relatively little energy expenditure and offers excellent welding properties. Ideal, then, to produce timeless frames that are both slender, elegant and at the same time highly dependable.

Good welding properties are an aspect that is of particular concern for the touring bicycles in our expedition series. While aluminium, carbon fibre or titanium frames can only be repaired at great cost when they crack or break, a steel frame can be welded back together without a problem, wherever you are in the world.

We give a 10-year warranty on vsf fahrradmanufaktur frames, regardless of whether they are made of steel or aluminum. This also applies to rigid aluminum and steel forks. 

 Fahrradrahmen Handwerk von vsf fahrradmanufaktur


Sustainability in the spotlight.

While many bicycle manufacturers, over time, have switched their focus to other frame materials, here at vsf fahrradmanufaktur we remain loyal to steel.

The focus has always been on sustainability. Our frame concept also takes particular account of environmental aspects and the carbon footprint of our products. In addition to the exceptional durability and high quality of our bicycle frames, we place great value on an environmentally friendly value chain – starting with efficient, socially responsible raw material extraction and ending with recyclability

While aluminium or carbon-fibre frames entail environmentally damaging raw material extraction, the mining of iron ore and production of steel are, in terms of environmental and social responsibility, comparatively harmless.