Test reports

Testberichte – vsf fahrradmanufaktur

Rad fahren 7/2023

In the test of touring bikes up to € 5,000, the TX-1000 from our TX-series was once again awarded the top rating of "very good" as the "slim classic" and the cheapest bike in the test.

Gran Fondo Testbericht GX-200

Gran Fondo 9/2022

Exclusive and visually very attractive first work with beautiful steel frame, high-quality attachments, fair price. This is the verdict of the online magazine for exclusive racing bikes "Gran Fondo 09/2022".

T-500 Trekkingrad– vsf fahrradmanufaktur

Rad fahren 9-10/2022

With its "balanced touring" riding characteristics, the T-500 trekking bike is perfect for touring and everyday use. Price-performance winner, rated "very good".

GX 1200 Test – vsf fahrradmanufaktur

Rad fahren 7-8/2022

As "noble gravel sportsman" and "racy racer" our Gravel bike GX-1200 with mark "very good" (1,3) in the class over 5.000, - € occupied one of the desired top places.

Testbericht TX-1000 – Rad fahren

Rad fahren 5/2022

In the test of touring bikes up to 5.000,- € the TX-1000 as a "powerful" touring bike with "upscale equipment" was rated as one of the best with top grade 1,4.

GX-1200 im Test - vsf fahrradmanufaktur

Gravel Touren 1/2022

Fun guarantee, purchase tip and a great overall rating for our sporty GX-1200 in the 1st Edition of the magazine "Gravel Touren". 

TX-Randonneur vsf fahrradmanufaktur

Rad fahren 1-2/2022

"Very good" with grade 1.5. In the test of trekking bikes up to € 2,000, the TX-Randonneur as a classic sporty touring bike was the price/performance recommendation of the test editors.

t-700  vsf fahrradmanufaktur

Rad fahren 1-2/2022

In the test of trekking bikes up to € 3,000, our popular and sporty all-rounder was the test editors' recommendation with a "very good"with a grade of 1.4.

tx-1200 vsf fahrradmanufaktur

Rad fahren 1-2/2022

As a "typical" rugged touring bike, our TX-1200 achieved the top grade 1.4 - "very good". The low-maintenance, "solid globetrotter" particularly impressed with excellent riding characteristics.

GX 1200 Testbericht sehr gut Radfahren

Rad fahren 11-12/2021

In the test of high-quality steel-frame bikes, the "Exclusive Gravel Sportsman" successfully positioned itself in the premium segment. Grade "Very good" (1.3) and a clear recommendation.


Testbericht TX-800 – Rad Fahren

Rad fahren 4/2021

After winning the test in Bike BILD, the TX-800 is also among the best touring bikes with a rating of  „very good" (1.4) in the test of „Rad fahren“ in issue 4/2021.

Testbericht Bike BILD – TX-800

Bike BILD 1/2021

10 high-quality touring bikes were put to the test by the BILD editorial team – with the result: test and price-performance victory for the TX-800

Testsiegel - T700

Rad fahren 01-02/2021

„Sporty, yet balanced handling characteristics“ and a high level of comfort won the hearts of the testers from Aktiv Radfahren. Grade „Very good“ for our T-700.

Testsiegel - T-300

Rad fahren 01-02/2021

Also in the new year we are pleased about top marks for our T-300: Overall rating „Very good“ and exclusive purchase tip for the trekking bike with „Ingenious driving performance“