Historie – vsf fahrradmanufaktur

A cycling story.
More than 30 years of
vsf fahrradmanufaktur.

In 1987, a consortium of independent bicycle companies in Germany created a unique cycling brand: vsf fahrradmanufaktur arose as the shared brand of the country-wide “Verbund selbstverwalteter Fahrradbetriebe (vsf)” set up on the site of a decommissioned Bremen shipyard. One of the reasons for its creation was dissatisfaction with the quality of many bicycles on the market.

Since then, vsf fahrradmanufaktur bicycles have become a firm component of an attitude to life that promotes value retention and responsibility, and are in constant demand for everyday life, leisure or travel through wind and weather. Whether they’re taking a grand tour or just going about their lives, our customers have always demanded comfort, enjoyment and durability from vsf fahrradmanufaktur – demands that our unusually high quality requirements have been able to fulfil.

Changes and innovations only become part of the range if they have been proven to make a substantial improvement for our riders. Fashion and superficial appearances are not part of our self-conception. This product policy has been the genesis, over the years, of a select range of models, some of which have already obtained cult status.


After careful consideration, the GX-1200 1st Edition paved the way for the new category of gravel bikes.


Today our product range includes touring and trekking bikes as well as city bikes.


Foundation of the "e-bike manufaktur" and outsourcing of the Pedelecs product division to this new brand.


Highlights of the product presentation are the models R-500 and CR-500 - a filigree road bike and a classic cross-country steel wheel.


With the TX-1200 we present for the first time a touring bike with an 18-speed Pinion transmission.


It couldn't be faster, we present the 45 km/h E-Bike P-1000.


The trend towards electric mobility continues! As a new compact and agile pedelec, the P-Kompakt joins our product range.


Motorised lightness: the first three top-class pedelecs with the innovative BOSCH drive system are here. For demanding, environmentally conscious users (Models: P-700, P-400, P-300)


T-Belt - as the first model of our product range it is equipped with a maintenance-free Gates belt drive. This innovative wheel with its discreet design and selected components awakens the passion of all those who love the extraordinary and are ahead of their time.


Ti-Light - as the first model of our product range it is equipped with a titanium frame and rightly enjoys the status of a high-end trekking bike.


The vsf bicycle manufactory celebrates its 20th anniversary. On this occasion the special model T-1987, limited to 250 pieces, is presented.


vsf fahrradmanufaktur presents its models for the 2006 season with a new design.


Our special model "The Wheel" is developed for the 20th anniversary of vsf.


The "Fitness Bike" T-900 fitness was developed in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Baum.


The model T-1000 C becomes the first wheel of the vsf bicycle manufactory with the world's most innovative hub gear "Rohloff Speedhub".


A real highlight in terms of driving comfort will be presented this year: The T-800 trekking bike.


cycle union from Oldenburg takes over the responsibility for the vsf bicycle manufactory.


The first Cross models from vsf fahrradmanufaktur conquer the roads.


vsf fahrradmanufaktur is focusing more and more on touring bikes. This year's highlight is the Randonneur C-140.


The vsf bicycle manufactory in Bremen now produces 15000 bicycles per year. These bicycles are sold exclusively through specialist dealers belonging to the V.S.F..


"The wheel" ("A-model") becomes the first model of the bicycle manufactory Bremen.


Foundation of vsf fahrradmanufaktur in Bremen.


Foundation of the V.S.F. (association of self-governing bicycle companies) in Berlin.