On the way through the world.

Weltenbummler – Unterwegs Zuhause

A remarkable ride.

Kornelia, Robin & Ess waren im Sommer 2022 auf den Azoren „unterwegs zuhause“.

Kornelia, Robin & Ess

Dreams on Tracks.

289 Tage und 16.020 km waren Tiphaine und Martin auf Tour

Tiphaine und Martin

Rolling gen Osten – to Peking.

Tommi and Tine set off in 2018 on our TX-400.

Weltenbummler Rolling East


Manu and Magda three years on tour

Weltenbummler Piggybackriders

Alone in Africa.

Anselm spent 414 days on the TX-800.

Weltenbummler Anderswo in Afrika

Globetrotter - at home on the road. 

Year after year, adventurers set off to explore the world by bike. This is exactly why the models of our expedition series TX were developed - after all, they stand for the highest demands on travel suitability and durability. In order to practically substantiate this, we have decided to support some travellers in their crazy adventures and equip them with our bikes. 

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A remarkable ride – Weltenbummler

A remarkalbe ride.
Kornelia, Robin & Ess.

Kornelia and Robin from Sweden have spent a lot of time on the bike over the last 10 years and are now "at home on the road" together with their little daughter Ess.

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A remarkable ride – Weltenbummler

And nevertheless.
Darius Braun "at home on the road"

Darius' impressive 20,000 km tour from Calgary to Tierra del Fuego is connected with a special story. Here and on his website you can learn more about his story and the journey on the American continent.


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Besser Welt als nie – Weltenbummler

Germany. Europe. America.

 Thwarted by Corona, the two then started a Germany tour that became European. In winter 2021 they started to discover the american continent – cycling from Mexico to Alaska.

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Anderswo in Afrika - Weltenbummler

Elsewhere. Alone in Africa.

Anselm spent 414 days on the TX-800, covering 15,000 km and crossing 15 countries. In his film "Elsewhere. Alone in Africa." he takes you on his breathtaking journey through Africa and shows our TX-800 in action.

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Besser Welt als nie – Weltenbummler

Around the world on our TX-400.

"Besser Welt als Nie" – after 43,600 km in 41 countries on 6 continents and the circumnavigation of our planet, Dennis Kailing returned to the place from which he had set off a good two years earlier.

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Rolling gen Osten – vsf fahrradmanufaktur

Rolling East – to Beijing.

Tommi and Tine set off in March 2018 on our TX-400 expedition bikes from St. Märgen in the Black Forest towards Beijing. A really exciting bike trip.

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Piggybackriders - Weltenbummler

3 years on tour.

Anyone who wants to travel around the world by bicycle for 3 years or longer must be crazy about bicycles. For us a good reason to support Magda and Manu in their project.

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Austria 2 Australia – Weltenbummler

A crazy trip.

18,000 km by bike from Austria to Australia. Sounds crazy? It is. That's exactly why we are supporting the project with two TX-1000 expedition bikes.

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Trio for Rio - Weltenbummler

Trio for Rio - by bike to the Olympics.

28,454 km on the TX-1000 with a breathtakingly exciting coastal trip from Alaska to Chile, 30 countries and an amazing reception at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. 

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