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Besser Welt als nie. 
Around the world on our TX-400.

Globetrotter Dennis Kailing has circumnavigated the globe within two years. Alone - on our TX-400.

With the question "what makes you happy", but without any experience in bike travel, the 24-year-old jumped in at the deep end and just drove off - always heading east. He was on his own, but he was rarely really lonely. Encounters with interesting, crazy or "completely normal" people gave him insights that ordinary tourists are denied. In fact, this globetrotter tour was a journey into uncertainty. But in the uncertainty the greatest adventures are hidden - Dennis became aware of this little by little.

In addition to breathtaking landscapes, Dennis also discovered the unpleasant sides of a long bike ride: Never-ending rain in the Andes of South America, illness between golden pagodas in Myanmar and loneliness in the vastness of the Australian outback. After 43600 km in 41 countries on 6 continents and the circumnavigation of our planet, Dennis, coming from the west, returned to the place from which he had set off towards the east a good two years earlier. In the end, he had come a little closer to his question "what makes you happy".

After his journey, Dennis Kailing documented his experiences in moving pictures. His film "Besser Welt als Nie" shows breathtaking pictures in 111 minutes and provides numerous interesting insights into the 761-day journey. If you feel like being inspired by Dennis' journey, or just want to see a great travel documentary, you can find the film, a link to the trailer and much more on Dennis' website at