Darius Braun - vsf fahrradmanufaktur

And yet.
Darius Braun on the road.

November 2022

Panamericana 2022

Our globetrotter Darius Braun set out in July 2022 to travel more than 20,000 km from North to South America along the Panamericana on the Anderswo special edition TX-800 "on the road at home".

But for Darius, this project is much more than just an adventure. Aside from the rigors of such an intense bike journey, Darius wants to convey the message that no matter how hopeless a situation may seem, it's worth believing in yourself. In fact, Darius was completely paralyzed on his left side after a brain tumor operation at the age of 15. He could no longer walk, had speech and concentration problems and was happy to be able to start a new life at all.

Even Darius' family would have considered such a journey completely illusory at the time. At that time, there was no prospect of being able to even remotely match his successes as a competitive athlete. At that time, he was on the verge of winning the German championship as a rower - a dream that vanished into thin air. 

And yet?

Since his stroke of fate, Darius has worked hard on himself and impressively shows with his journey and his leitmotif "And yet." how important it is not to give up.

With his extraordinary cycling adventure, Darius is realizing a lifelong dream and wants to inspire people in difficult life situations to believe in themselves and realize their dreams. At the same time, Darius wants to use his project to encourage people to donate to „Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe“ (German Brain Tumor Aid):



Summer 2022

"At home on the road" in the Azores.

The Swedish couple Kornelia and Robin have spent a lot of time on their bicycles in the last 10 years and got to know a lot of interesting landscapes, countries and people during their bike trips to China or Africa. During their impressive adventures, the two have spared no effort and with the iel in mind, left behind even the most difficult passages on the bike. They have crossed the Sahara in summer at unbelievable temperatures or have ridden the high passes of the Pamir Mountains in the deepest, ice-cold winter.

With these experiences, the three likeable Swedes set themselves a new challenge under completely different circumstances in the summer of 2022: They were accompanied by their little daughter Ess. Only a few months old, Ess will be making her first bikepacking experiences in her bike trailer from summer 2022. 

As a kind of test for a big family trip, the unusual trio had planned to travel through all the islands of the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean on their TX-1200 bikes. In fact, traveling in a dreamlike landscape with their little daughter turned out to be easier than expected, so that nothing stood in the way of the big Asia trip which started in October 2022.