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Alone in Africa.

Anselm has experienced a breathtaking journey through the African continent. For 414 days he sat in the saddle of our expedition bike TX-800, covered more than 15.000 kilometres and crossed 15 countries. 

Started as a trio, the group disbanded after only three months of travelling together and Anselm was faced with the decision to travel the continent alone or to make his way home as well. He stayed elsewhere - alone in Africa.

From then on, the TX-800 was a faithful travel companion and stood by him reliably in all situations. Even during his greatest challenge, crossing the Sahara, Anselm could always rely on his TX-800. The 28" travel bike scored even with a large luggage load with a quiet, stable ride. Thanks to the robust steel frame in manufactory quality, the indestructible Shimano Deore XT component group and many ergonomic and practical features, the TX-800 is perfectly prepared for great cycling adventures.

Anselm has documented his journey in moving pictures. His documentary "Elsewhere. Alone in Africa" has been successfully shown in hundreds of cinemas and has also been available on DVD since October 2019. All information and an exciting trailer about the film can be found at:

In addition to the world-tested standard model of the TX-800 you will also find the special edition "TX-800 Elsewhere". Anselm has used his experience to develop this bike. We have equipped the bike with Anselm's desired components and additional bags and present an uncomplicated complete package for adventurers who prefer to be "at home on the road".

For more information on the TX-800 Elsewhere, click here.