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A remarkable ride.
Kornelia, Robin & Ess.

October 2022

"Family trip" to Korea

After Kornelia, Robin with little daughter Ess left the Azores, they first traveled back to their home in Sweden for an extended stopover. There they met their friends and families before the planned Asia trip. And, of course, they had to take care of their bikes and equipment and pack everything again for an extraordinary trip.

But after a few days of meticulous preparation and a really long flight, the globetrotters landed in South Korea. First, they drifted around the megacity of Seoul and enjoyed the incredible Korean food there. After 14 exciting days in the metropolis, they started their tour east on their TX-1200s. Also with them this time: Ess, the little almost 1-year-old daughter of the bike-crazy globetrotters.

Just on tour, they were invited to stay overnight on the first day, richly gifted with all kinds of fruits and welcomed with a broad smile! Shortly after the start of the tour, sunshine and warmth on the road but were replaced by stormy, cold weather - time for a short break. After a few days, the sun did return - but now autumnal, with much lower temperatures! The family got an extra layer of clothing and left the asphalt behind to ride the promising "Epic Korea" bikepacking route. Lonely gravel roads lead up into the mountains, where only wild boars and a few hikers are waiting! Kornelia and Robert can't wait to show us soon the autumnal Korea from above. Sounds interesting? More soon.


Summer 2022

"At home on the road" in the Azores.

The Swedish couple Kornelia and Robin have spent a lot of time on their bicycles in the last 10 years and got to know a lot of interesting landscapes, countries and people during their bike trips to China or Africa. During their impressive adventures, the two have spared no effort and with the iel in mind, left behind even the most difficult passages on the bike. They have crossed the Sahara in summer at unbelievable temperatures or have ridden the high passes of the Pamir Mountains in the deepest, ice-cold winter.

With these experiences, the three likeable Swedes set themselves a new challenge under completely different circumstances in the summer of 2022: They were accompanied by their little daughter Ess. Only a few months old, Ess will be making her first bikepacking experiences in her bike trailer from summer 2022. 

As a kind of test for a big family trip, the unusual trio had planned to travel through all the islands of the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean on their TX-1200 bikes. In fact, traveling in a dreamlike landscape with their little daughter turned out to be easier than expected, so that nothing stood in the way of the big Asia trip which started in October 2022.