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A remarkable ride.
Kornelia, Robin & Ess.


The Swedish couple Kornelia and Robin have spent a lot of time on the bike in the last 10 years and got to know a lot of interesting landscapes, countries and people during their bike trips to China or Africa.

During their impressive adventures, the two have spared no effort and, with the goal in mind, have left behind even the most difficult passages on the bike. They have crossed the Sahara in summer at unbelievable temperatures or have ridden the high passes of the Pamir Mountains in the deepest, freezing winter.

With these experiences, the three likeable Swedes will take on a new challenge in the summer of 2022 under completely different circumstances: From now on, they will be joined by their little daughter Ess. Only a few months old, Ess will be making her first bikepacking experiences in her bike trailer from summer 2022. 

Where will the journey take them? The trio has planned to travel all the islands of the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean by bike. Follow us on facebook or Instagram and stay up to date on globetrotting and many other topics.



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