Farbwelt – Blue Planet Certificate

A world of colours

With their brilliant colours, the bicycles of vsf fahrradmanufaktur leave a fine impression everywhere. Our high quality paintwork is characterised, among other things, by a robust and environmentally-friendly powder coating.

Those who are constantly buzzing around on their bicycle value a colour that fits to them. This is why we are offering additional colour options on top of the standard colours. This way, your bicycle gets a special touch and becomes an expression of your individual personality. The combination with a special colour makes your bicycle an interesting one-of-a-kind that stands out from the mass of bicycles of the same colour!

Except for the models of our T-50 series, we supply all bikes of the vsf fahrradmanufaktur for a surcharge in a special finish. For this, you should schedule a short waiting period due to production.

Due to different monitor settings slight deviations in the color display can occur // Your specialist dealer will be glad to advise you further.*

*Actual product colours may differ from the colour illustrations shown here for technical reasons.