Rahmen aus Stahl – vsf fahrradmanufaktur

Frames made of steel

At vsf fahrradmanufaktur, steel has traditionally been valued highly. As a material full of character, it spreads an aura of tried and tested craftsmanship, very much in the spirit of our notion of manufacturing. This much about emotions.

What has proven itself over a long period of time in bicycle construction must - of course - also be convincing in facts and figures: steel provides for a high tensile strength – in the case of the chromium molybdenum alloy 25CrMo4, it amounts to more than 700 N/mm².

As such, it is the number one choice in a lot of disciplines in the vehicle industry. The alloy can be shaped well with relatively low energy expenditure and is well suited for welding.

As such, ideal prerequisites to producing timeless frames that are filigreed and elegant, yet, at the same time highly resilient.

In addition to their toughness, steel frames show an elasticity that offers good ride comfort without the necessity of a suspension fork or suspension seatpost.

On vsf bike manufactory frame, whether aluminum or steel, we give 10 years warranty. This also applies to installed rigid aluminum and steel forks. All our bicycles are also approved up to a maximum total weight of 140 kg (the model T-XXL up to 170 kg, the models R-500 and CR-500 up to 100 kg).